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Ambrosia-SupHerb is the leading company in Israel in the field of VMS (Vitamins,Minerals, Supplements). Established in 1986, SupHerb is well- known in the nutritional sup­plement industry, as an innovator and a top-quality manufacturer.

The powerful combination of re­search, scientists and cutting-edge technologies enables SupHerb to provide unique and innovative formulations and top of the line finished products.
We at SupHerb manufacture a broad array of nutritional supple­ments and therapeutic herbs and we specialize in developing and manufacturing soft gel capsules.
We also have the technol­ogy for manufacturing vegetable soft gel capsules which is considered to be a unique technology.

Supherb's high standards are also manifested in the strict supervision we must undergo to receive the kosher certificate. In addition, Supherb maintains a line of highly kosher products.

SupHerb's factory is a modern, state-of-the-art facility. The facto­ry spans 6,000 sqm and is located at the Har-Yona industrial park in Nazareth Illit.

The factory special­izes in complex formulations of coated tablets, herbal capsules, soft gel capsules and syrups. The factory includes a microbio­logical laboratory, a chemical lab­oratory which includes HPLC and a development laboratory.
Although we are not required to do so, we stand in accordance with the Pharma Standards (medications manufacturing standards). SupHerb uses a me­ticulous system of quality control tests, which are integrated in the development and manufactur­ing processes, from selecting the most high-quality raw materials and using the most advanced manufacturing processes until the finished products are placed on the shelf.

SupHerb's product line reflects the principles that symbolize the spirit of the company – the commitment to excellence in providing custom­er service and top quality products. We go to great lengths to select and combine natural raw materials with strict manufacturing and qual­ity control processes and the most advanced technologies.

This high-quality product line is tailored to the consumer’s lifestyle, contrib­utes to the improvement of health and quality of life and is manufactured from the best raw materials. Our product line is developed and manufactured solely by our facility and the manufacturing process is done according to strict quality control standards.

ISO 9001 – Supherb's factory meets a series of international quality standards, which include procedures and directives for verification of an efficient quality management system in the organization.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) – Supherb's factory meets the food safety standard developed by the Israeli Ministry of Health , ensur­ing proper manufacturing conditions.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) – Supherb's factory meets the systematic control approach based on the seven main prin­ciples of food safety control.
This approach is intended to analyze, identify and characterize all risks involved in the various stages of food manufacturing, to determine the critical control points, perform pre­ventative acts at the control points and to follow the preventative acts performed at these points with regards to all manufacturing processes until the products are available to the customers.

Supherb's factory is the only factory in Israel with the technology and the capability to manufacture SoftGel capsules. Just Recently, Supherb expanded its technological capability and acquired an innovative system for manufacturing vegetable SoftGel capsules (animal ingredients AFS = Animal Free Softgel).

The soft capsule technology enables the production of capsules in one piece, completely sealed, trapping in side the capsule liquid or semi liquid substances, as opposed to Hard Shell capsules made of two halves, trapping within them only powdered substances.

The soft capsules are produced, designed, filled and sealed in one continuous process.
The distinct advantage in choosing soft capsules instead of tablets or hard shell capsules is in the rapid availability of the active ingredient.

In recent years the need to develop AFS products (Animal Free SoftGel) has presented itself and become an international trend for a number of reasons:
1) The rapid growth of the vegetarian population in the world
2) Better acceptance of the products in the religious populations (Jews, Muslims, Hindus)
3) Growing awareness of the fact that gelatin is an animal product, and referring to a product with casing produced from animal products as "natural" is problematic.

Soft capsules (softGel) with a vegetable encapsulation consists of two main ingredients:
Corn starch and Carrageenan – a colloid substance (with the characteristics of a colloid substance – a viscous substance consisting of large molecules which do not dissolve in other substances) produced from red, edible seaweed.

SupHerbs puts at the disposal of those turning to the guidance line, the best nutritionists, naturopaths and professionals, possessing in-depth and comprehensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and dietary supplements.

This unique service offers the applicants professional guidance in all that concerns the correct and effective use of SupHerb's preparations, for treating health problems and for maintaining a healthy life style.

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The company's products are manufactured in the SupHerb factory, a modern and sophisticated facility specializing in complex formulations of coated tablets, vegan capsules, soft-gel capsules and syrups.

The factory includes a microbiological laboratory, a chemical laboratory which includes HPLC, and a development laboratory.

The factory utilizes a strict system of quality tests and controls which are combined and incorporated as part of the development and manufacturing process, from selecting the highest-quality raw materials, through the most advanced production processes, to the finished product on the shelf.

All these provide us with the unlimited ability of developing and manufacturing for you, a Private Label which meets specific, complex and innovative requirements by entrepreneurs who are interested in developing, manufacturing and marketing nutritional supplements.

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