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icoAbout Prenatal - multivitamins for pregnant women and for planning a healthy pregnancy

During pregnancy more than ever, a sensible diet and maintaining a properly planned and healthy lifestyle are of the greatest importance, including taking vitamins for pregnant women, both for the proper development of the fetus, and for maintaining the mother's health.  But in real life, we do not all manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle for such a long time, if at all, which is why taking Prenatal multivitamins for pregnant women has become standard for every woman planning a pregnancy.

Multivitamins for pregnant women - more important than you think 

Your health and the health of your fetus depend on a number of genetic, nutritional and environmental factors. In recent years, there has been increasing research showing that taking vitamins and minerals for pregnant women, with the accent on multivitamins for pregnant and lactating women, can have a significant effect on a healthy pregnancy.  So whether you are planning a pregnancy, are pregnant, or have just given birth, it is important not to skip taking a multivitamin for pregnant and lactating women. 

The reasons for taking a multivitamin for pregnant women 

There are so many reasons for taking a multivitamin during pregnancy. The set of components that make up the multivitamin provides comprehensive support for pregnant women - preventing nutritional deficiencies of the mother and fetus, preventing fatigue, weakness and lack of energy, supporting normal development of the fetus, strengthening the immune system, and many other important contributions to health. Clinical studies have shown that taking a Prenatal formula in pregnancy reduces risks of preterm delivery and minimizes risks of low-birth weight deliveries.

Multivitamin for pregnant women – its essential importance

One of the well-known and important supplements that is itself a multivitamin for pregnant women is, of course, Prenatal
The Prenatal supplement is a collective name for multivitamins for pregnant women, and its role is to help you supplement your daily diet in the best possible way during the nine months of pregnancy, as well as in the period before and afterwards. 

Taking one tablet a day of a multivitamin for pregnant women (Prenatal) provides high availability of nutrients, and this product has been found to meet all the criteria of world health organizations. 

Before you choose a multivitamin during pregnancy - these are the top 7 components that it is important to ensure you are putting into your body:

Vitamins for pregnant women - all the important components to make sure you get into your body

Gentle iron - a mineral that is essential for the body to build red blood cells, its role is to ensure efficient absorption without side effects in the digestive system. 

Folic acid (as a methyl folate derivative) - a vitamin from the B vitamin family, essential for construction of the DNA that is responsible for the formation of cells in our body, as well as red blood cells. Folic acid is critical for the prevention of congenital defects (spina bifida).

Iodine - essential for thyroid hormone production and thyroid function for the fetus and mother. The recommended dose is between 220 and 250 micrograms of iodine per day.

Vitamin D - helps with the absorption of calcium, and has a significant effect on the construction of the fetal skeleton. Prevents depression, maintains a normal level of insulin in the body, is responsible for mineral balance, and is essential for maintaining cardiovascular health. 

Omega 3 – a supply of Omega 3, and especially DHA fatty acid, may contribute significantly to the normal development of the fetal brain, nervous system and vision. 

Magnesium - reduces the risk of pre-term birth, and also reduces the risk of fetal malformations, helps prevent the muscle cramps that are typical of pregnancy. 

Calcium - an important component in the diet of pregnant women, necessary for the developing fetus to create and maintain bones, teeth, muscle systems, and nervous system, and also essential for maintaining a regular heart rate and normal blood clotting. 

Pre-Gently from SupHerb - all the Prenatal benefits in just one tablet a day

  • Contains 23 vitamins and minerals essential for pregnancy and lactation
  • Contains the 4 essential components, in the recommended doses, according to the guidelines of the Israeli Ministry of Health for pregnant and lactating women
  • Contains folate - a natural folic acid that is well absorbed 
  • Contains methylcobalamin - vitamin B12 in an improved natural derivative
  • Contains an optimally high dose of gentle iron for improved absorption without gastrointestinal side effects, like constipation
  • Requires only one tablet a day to supplement the total amount of vitamins and minerals you need
  • Recommended by the Association of Gynecologists
  • Suitable for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and breastfeeding

To sum up, we recommend and encourage the use of vitamins for pregnant women as being critical for the normal development of the fetus, and maintaining the mother's health.  The advantage today is that you can benefit from all the important vitamins with one Prenatal tablet a day.

So, take care of yourself and your baby properly.



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