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icoDo You Have Problematic Digestion? Six Digestion Problems, One Solution – Bio 25!

Do you know what Probiotics is?

Imagine a battle field with various armies fighting each other for control over the land, in which the power balance is affected by numerous different factors. Probiotics represents the army of probiotic bacteria, or in their colloquial name “friendly bacteria”, which among other things are the defense line protecting the body from other bacteria and pathogens which are not good for us. Now imagine this entire army, 25 million strong, in one capsule containing eleven strains of probiotic bacteria, in a cutting edge formula – this is SupHerb’s Bio 25. Its potential lies in the improvement of the digestive function, reinforcing the immune system by enhancing the body’s resistance to infections and treating and preventing common problems in the digestive system.

The probiotic strains in the Bio 25 formula are patented and have been tested and proven to be most effective in alleviating a variety of digestive problems. The bacteria go through a unique process, and receive a double coating of protein and nutritional fibers to make them resistant to the high acidity of the stomach. And if you are vegetarian or vegan, this is the right probiotic product for you!

Just one Bio 25 capsule a day, temporarily or permanently, provides extensive protection and relief for a variety of health conditions!

Following are six digestive problems and one solution for them all thanks to its bacterial content – Bio 25

Studies have shown that taking probiotic bacteria and primarily B. longum, L. acidophilus and S thermophiles shortens the illness duration and secretion of the element causing the Diarrhea (bacterial or viral) in the stool, and in addition, helps the body to recuperate faster without any adverse effects.

Infection related diseases
Infection related digestive system diseases are likely to appear following a failure to adhere to the basic rules of hygiene such as washing hands after using the toilet or before food preparation. Research has clearly found that the taking B. Breve, L. lactis and B. infantis helps the immune system cope with and even prevents infection related disease.

Inflammatory bowel diseases
Inflammatory bowel diseases may erupt as a result of changes to the intestinal flora responsible for preventing the invasion of bacteria and various pathogens from the intestines into the blood stream. Studies have shown that the prescription of L. rhamnosus and S. thermophiles rehabilitate the intestinal flora, thus reducing the activity of the disease or extending the remission between attacks.

Digestive problems
Digestive problems such as stomachaches, bloating, poor digestion and gas are a nuisance suffered by many. Thorough treatment of the problem should include nutritional change and taking the eleven strains of bacteria found in Bio-25, all of which provide very effective support and reinforcement for the digestive system and aid in its proper function.

Irritable bowel syndrome
IBS symptoms include chronic stomachache, discomfort and a feeling of fullness in the digestive system and changes in bowel habits. In this case too, adhering to a special diet and regular consumption of probiotics, mainly S. thermophiles, L. acidophilus and L. paracasei alleviate the symptoms, extend the remission between attacks and are likely to completely eliminate it.

Lactose intolerance
Lactose intolerance is a condition in which the digestive system does not secrete the enzyme responsible for breaking down the sugar in the milk. L. casei is known for its ability to secrete the enzyme which breaks down the lactose and thus alleviate the problem.

Now, after the advantages of taking the bacterial strains in Bio-25 are so clear, the only thing left to find out is the best way to do so. It is a well-known fact that yoghurt provides the body with probiotic bacteria, however, the pasteurization process the product goes through significantly reduces the number of bacteria it contains. Therefore, when treating and preventing digestive problems, a dietary supplement is called for.

So if you have an uncomfortable feeling in your gut, try SupHerb’s Bio-25 and let the patented bacteria win the battle, each and every time.

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