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icoFrom nature with love: 4 plants that will help you to strengthen natural immunity in the winter

We are all familiar with it – the moment the temperatures drop, and it starts to get colder outside, the viruses go into a higher gear, and we are required to cope with problems we did not really experience during the summer. Do you also have more colds in the winter? Do you suffer from dryness of the nose and recurring viral infections that hurt your body without giving prior notice? You are not alone.

Our immune system is strong, it is true, but even so, it does not always manage to cope with all the challenges that the winter puts in front of it, something that easily and frustratingly leads us to full days of feeling bad or worse than that, a morning where we can barely get out of bed.

So, what can we do? Surrender and wait for the winter to end? Exhaust the possibilities in the medicine cabinet that will in the best-case scenario relieve only our symptoms? Absolutely not. There is no reason that you need to suffer during the cold months, mainly because we have the most precious resource of all on our side in the fight for our health: nature.

Plant secrets

Long before the different medicines existed, one of the best-known ways to healthy living over hundreds and thousands of years was the use of plants that can assist in strengthening our natural immunity.

So, what plants exist, and how can they help us get through the winter safely?


A perennial herbaceous plant, used in traditional medicine for many years in coping with colds and coughs.


A plant that is common in the Americas. It is known to have an encouraging effect on our immune system and has many uses in combatting colds.

Sambucus nigra

A plant from the Elderberry family, suitable for coping with the problems of virally caused cough and phlegm symptoms.


A plant also known as “nature’s antibiotic” and is therefore known for its anti-inflammatory properties and known to combine brilliantly with our body and help it during the winter.

And what about vitamins and minerals?

In this area it is possible to note zinc and vitamin C, two most essential ingredients, which are known to strengthen our immune system.

The bottom line: how do we safely get through the winter?

Apart from good hygiene and keeping areas well-aerated, make sure to prepare your immune system in advance, and incorporate plants, vitamins and minerals as part of your healthy lifestyle routine. These, as mentioned, have a long history of use in traditional medicine for treating the symptoms of the winter in their different aspects. They are currently found today in special dietary supplement carefully selected by experts in the field. The combination of plants, vitamin C and zinc give our bodies the best support and natural immunity in order that it can cope with everything that the winter throws in its direction.

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