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icoHair Loss in Women: The Common Causes You Should Know

Hair loss is a common phenomenon in both men and women and might be caused for different reasons. While hair loss and baldness in men mostly derives from hormonal or genetic changes, it is mostly caused in women or different reasons, some more common than others. What causes our hair to fall out and how can we tell why? This article has all you need to know about hair loss in women.

What causes our hair to fall out?

First, it’s important to differentiate thinning hair from hair loss. There are women who naturally have thinner hair, and this is proper. On the other hand, a state in which there’s a significant hair loss that causes thinning, or even baldness, should be properly examined and treated. It’s important to identify the cause while the reasons might be varied, including nutritional deficits, pressure, certain health conditions, hormonal imbalance, changing of the seasons, chemical processes at the hairdresser, such as straightening and even bundling up the hair (ponytail).

Normal or not? The difference is how much hair you lose

Our hair has a physiological growth cycle including several stages: from sprouting to the hair falling out. We normally lose between 50-100 hairs a day without noticing. Each stage of the hair growth cycle can be affected by different factors, some external but most of them are internal. Hair loss is a process in which the hair falls out of place sooner than its regular life cycle and in greater amounts. It’s hard to miss; in this case it looks like more hair than usual in the hairbrush, on the pillow, on the floor and in the shower drain.

Why is it important to treat hair loss on time?

In case you’ve noticed increased hair loss, it’s important to know that the longer you wait, the more the hair might thin out. The gap between the hair loss and the new hair growth, at some foreseeable stage, especially for women with naturally thin hair. Don’t wait for that moment! Try and recognize the cause. As mentioned, one of the main reasons is certain nutritional components deficiency, could be one or more. If you don’t have a health condition that you know of and might lead to hair loss, it’s worth looking into completing your nutrition with supplements first.

Iron deficiency might lead to hair loss and is more common in women

Iron deficiency is one of the possible factors for hair loss. An iron deficiency is especially common in women with the number one reason for iron deficiency in fertile women is menstruation. Not consuming enough iron in nutrition is common and might cause iron deficiency, mostly accompanied by fatigue, hair loss and other symptoms. The advantage in this case is that iron deficiency can be find with a simple blood test and complete whatever’s needed by nutritional changes and/or the right supplements.

Your blood test is fine, and you don’t know why you’re losing your hair?

Many nutritional components are involved in the hair growth process. A low and limited diet, extreme diets and picky eating might lead to various nutritional deficits which some can’t be seen in routine blood tests. If you suffer from hair loss for an unknown reason or your hair has lately become thinner and your nails weaker and more fragile, it could have to do with some nutritional deficits of which you’re not aware. The best way, in this case, is to take a designated supplement combining all the necessary components for healthy hair, and a range of amino acids, vitamins and minerals as a nutritional supplement while improving your nutritional habits.

How can you easily complete nutritional deficits?

There are supplements that contain a wide range of components in a capsule or tablet per day. An important and essential thing to consider when choosing a supplement is a “smart” formula complex, containing a range of vitamins, minerals, amin acids and MSM. The reason is we don’t always know which of the components are missing.

All that glitters isn’t gold

Don’t compromise for just any supplement; look for a good quality one! Read the label, make sure it also contains protein, MSM as well as a range of vitamins and minerals in a binding method that improves absorption. Should the reason for your hair loss is a nutritional deficit, such a supplement would be best. Another advantage is that you could receive the nutritional supplement vital for your hair as well as components that benefit your skin and nails.


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