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icoHow to prevent bad breath

Bad breath is a very unpleasant affair, particularly for those suffering from it and especially when the have to hear about it from their surroundings. The medical term for bad breath is Halitosis, and luckily there is now a new and effective way to cope with it. 

Bad breath characteristically appears in the morning and usually disappears after eating, drinking or brushing the teeth. However, in certain cases it is a chronic condition continuing all day long and might severely affect the quality of life and self-confidence of those suffering from it. 

Why do we suffer from bad breath?
Bad breath can stem from a variety causes.

The tongue: the breakdown of proteins by the oral bacteria located mainly on the back of the tongue is accompanied by the formation of compounds with a foul odor, which are the primary cause of bad breath.

Oral diseases: gum diseases, caries, or tonsilloliths. 

Nose cavity: infection in the nose cavity caused by sinusitis, which is likely to result in pungent, bad breath.

 Digestive problems: digestive problems, especially in the stomach are a well-known cause, albeit relatively rare, of bad breath. 

Systemic diseases: bad breath may appear as a symptom of diseases such as diabetes, liver or renal failure, lung or renal infection and more. 

Bad breath prevention
Bad breath is not fully understood and therefore most of the doctors find it difficult to diagnose and treat effectively. There are a number of methods for preventing bad breath:

Deodorizing products: deodorizing the mouth with mouth wash, chewing gum and even mouth spray, is the normal approach in most cases.

Maintaining good oral hygiene: carefully brushing the teeth several times a day, using dental floss, gently cleaning the back of the tongue and mouth washes.

Nutrition: eating a full breakfast, drinking lots of water during the day in order to prevent oral dryness and avoiding foods with pungent smells such as onions and garlic.

Anti-bacterial products: this approach is the newest, and focuses on neutralizing oral bacteria and delaying the breakdown of proteins which causes bad breath.

The use of plants for the prevention of bad breath

The use of plants for the prevention of bad breath is nothing new. Chewing parsley and fennel seeds has been a well-known home remedy for the treatment and prevention of bad breath for many years.



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