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icoNatural Probiotics for Feminine Health

You are not alone. Three out of every four women suffer from vaginal fungal infections resulting from a disturbance to the balance of the natural flora in the digestive system and vagina.

Overuse of medication, especially antibiotics and contraceptive pills, increased consumption of sweets and alcohol as well as the natural hormonal changes a woman undergoes throughout her life can disturb the proper balance of the flora, thus allowing disease generating bacteria or fungus to thrive.

Candida is a global problem

The candida fungus is the primary cause of vaginal infections. Candida is a global problem stemming from the modern lifestyle which includes poor nutrition, stress and overuse of medicines.

These alter the flora in the digestive system and vagina, allowing the candida to flourish. As long as the balance has not been disturbed, the good bacteria, mainly the Lactobacillus, strictly regulate the candida population in the vagina and the bowel.

Disturbing this balance compromises the body’s natural defense and allows the candida to thrive and cause all the symptoms we are familiar with such as increased vaginal discharge, itching, irritation and burning.

5 things you didn’t know about Candida

  • In 2002, women in the United States spent over half a million dollars on medicines to treat the problem
  • Over half the woman will suffer from the candida during the third decade of their lives
  • Vaginal infections is one of the primary medical reasons for the loss of work days
  • Local alleviation of itchiness and the burning sensation can be achieved by inserting a tampon dipped in an aloe Vera beverage and probiotics.
  • Poor nutrition or metal stress are among the causes of the problem

Clearly, adding natural probiotics to your lifestyle is a great way to prevent candida and vaginal fungal infections. Apparently good bacteria are excellent friends, and the more the merrier.


Probiotics is an important and essential supplement for every woman.

The complexity of the female reproductive system causes women to suffer more than men from problems related to a lack of microfloral balance in the intestines, which is directly related to the lack of microfloral balance in the vagina.

Taking probiotics every day for an extended period of time, will ensure the maintenance of a high level of probiotic bacteria in the digestive system and vagina, maintaining the systems’ hygiene and ensuring protection against infections.

Probiotics is a lot more than yoghurt

  We all know that eating bio-yoghurt, which contains added probiotic bacteria, contributes to one’s health. However, the technological means allowing the extension of the dairy products’ shelf life do not allow the probiotic bacteria to survive for an extended period and thus compromise their effectiveness.

How many bacteria actually are there in the yoghurt? And who can ensure that the bacteria in the yoghurt will survive for an extended period? In fact – no one can. Eating yoghurt is nice but not very substantial.

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