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icoProbiotics LR Series for the Entire Family – Friendly for Everyone!

Bottom Line, What Do You Need to Know?

  • All of the Probiotic LR series supplements contain the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus Reuteri. One of the most researched strains that have been proven efficient in supporting the functioning of the digestive system and contributing to improving the body’s overall natural resilience.
  • Probiotics LR Series include a wide range of products for the entire family, from infants to adults.
  • Probiotics LR Series contain products with a wide range of probiotic bacteria strains in high dosages.
  • Probiotics LR Series is vegan and vegetarian-friendly, and doesn’t contain any dairy or animal-based components.
  • All our Probiotics LR Series are Mehadrin Parve kosher and are Badatz orthodox certified.

A Bit About Probiotics

Many studies indicate the contribution probiotic bacteria have on our body’s health, the proper functioning of our digestion system and lowering unpleasant symptoms in gastrointestinal tract.

Environmental factors, such as malnutrition, taking certain medications such as antibiotics, and various medical conditions might throw the necessary, natural balance of the intestinal flora off, causing multiple side effects.

What is LR and What is So Special About It?

LR are the initials of the powerful and much-researched probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus Reuteri, which produces a robust, natural, anti-microbial component called Reuterin, which acts against a wide range of pathogens. Many studies have checked its influence on a range of health aspects and found it to support proper digestive system functioning, immune system functioning, normal intestinal microbiome and other aspects.


Probiotics LR Series Advantages

A wide range of strains

Most of the series’ products contain 7-10 selected probiotic bacteria strains, among them the unique LR, which was researched regarding its comprehensive and optimal effect on various health aspects. The strains and dosages were selected according to the most recent probiotic research. A wide range of strains expands their action and makes them more efficient for bigger groups of population.


A lot of probiotic bacteria

The series’ products contain from 12 and up to 55 billion active bacteria in a single capsule! As mentioned, the strains and dosages were carefully selected based on recent findings from advanced research in the field of probiotics. A large number of bacteria and a wide range of strains provide an effective coverage and more action capabilities in the digestive system.


A unique coating technology

The series’ products come in herbal DRcapsTM capsules, that protect the bacteria by stalling the stomach’s digestion, allowing them to be released in the intestine, their natural habitat. The coating technology had been tested in a lab and its resilience to the stomach acidic environment contributes to the survival of the bacteria, ensuring bacteria release in intestines. All of the series’ adult products come in these capsules.



The series’ products do not contain any dairy or animal-based components. The bacteria grow on non-dairy plates and are therefore also fit people who are lactose intolerant.


Mehadrin kosher, Badatz orthodox certified

All of the series’ products are exclusively Parve kosher, Badatz orthodox certified.


Probiotics for the entire family – toddlers, kids and adults

 Probiotics LR Series by Supherb includes probiotics supplements for the entire family, from 12-month-old babies, to kids, all the way to a range fit for adults and holds within it many advantages. It’s friendly for everyone and can be used on permanent basis!



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