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icoSleep Well, Reduce Stress and Bring Serenity Back to Your Life

The past few weeks have proven more stressful than usual for all of us. University and high school students returning to school, parents sending their children to school and preschool and returning to a normal work routine themselves. Over the last two weeks the anxiety threshold has broken new records due to the escalation in the security situation and terrorist attacks on a daily basis.

We find ourselves feeling more on edge, nervous, tense and stressed than usual. We begin to fall apart; the body’s systems are affected, we suffer from fatigue, headaches, digestive disorders, attention disorders, a weakened immune system and the onset of diseases and inflammations. We become impatient towards our family, friends, work and everyone around us.

We invest immense emotional resources in order to alleviate these feelings and continue with our ordinary routines, but the tension continues and the stress level increases and eventually we can no longer cope… we collapse.

If we cannot achieve equilibrium, we will collapse. What can we do about it?

The most recommended way to reduce stress

Believe it or not, stress reduction does not require expertise or any unique talent. Below are a number of tips for a healthier and more serene life anyone can adopt.

  • Better time management
  • Adhering to an exercise routine
  • Adhering to proper nutrition
  • Adhering to a personal care routine
  • Adopting a humoristic and easy-going attitude towards everyday problems.

It sounds simple enough, however, sometimes the many commitments of our daily routine get the better of us and even if we manage to go for a walk twice a week and eat more fresh vegetables, it is just not enough to replenish our energy to the degree necessary for coping with the stress, and sometimes we need additional help.

Lactium® - assists in reducing stress

Meet Lactium, the primary contributor to the high quality of sleep in babies. (1) Lactium works both on the physical and the mental levels, reducing emotional and physical reactions characteristic to stressful situations. (2)(3)

Lactium is a suitable aid for those suffering from chronic tension and stress. Its rapid effect also makes it effective in reducing occasional tension as well, such as pre-examination stress, pre-flight anxiety or stage fright and public speaking anxiety.

In addition, Lactium is effective in helping children suffering from hyperactivity. The Lactium serves as a balancing and calming factor allowing the child to function in a more focused, effective and less tiring manner.

Helps in falling asleep easily and sleeping well

One of the worst manifestations of stress and anxiety is the difficulty in falling asleep at night, and when one does fall asleep, it is not a deep sleep. This leaves us fatigued throughout the day. Cumulative fatigue compromises alertness and general function and can even be life threatening, for example, while driving.

High quality sleep recharges both our physical and mental batteries and is one of the most important factors allowing us to deal with anxiety and stress, and therefore is extremely essential.

Lactium, which has been proven to be the primary contributor to the high quality of sleep in babies, helps in falling asleep quickly and contributes to a deep and high quality sleep.

Are there any consumption limitations?

Lactium can be consumed for extended periods without fear of addiction. (4) Lactium does not compromise alertness or daily function. It can be taken at the same time as other sedatives.

However, Lactium is a dairy protein, and is not suitable for lactose intolerant people.

A turning point in your personal struggle to reduce stress

Using Lactium is likely to be a turning point in your personal struggle to reduce stress. The effect is rapid and based on clinical trials and results can be expected within a short period of time.

SupHerb’s Lactium is excellent for coping with anxiety and stress, making it easy to fall asleep and sleep well. The product can be used for extended periods of time with no fear of addiction or side effects.

The product is available in bottles of 30 capsules, or 6 capsules in Lactium To Go. Lactium Forte (twice the dosage) is available in blister packs of 10 capsules.


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