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icoThe Leading Probiotic Series in Israel –Internal Technology

SupHerb is proud to present the leading probiotic series in Israel! A unique probiotic series providing all the best and most effective probiotic products with the patented double coating technology!

SupHerb has set itself a goal to bring you the leading probiotic series in Israel. Hand in hand with experts in the field, current research and plenty of thought, from development to production, we are happy to present the most advanced probiotic series in Israel due to its singularity and cutting edge technology – the LAB2PRO™double coating patent.

These are not just any old probiotic supplements, rather THE BEST PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENTS! 

the LAB2PRO™ patent

SupHerb’s diamond 

The line’s singularity is in its innovative technology and unique coating. SupHerb is the only manufacturer in Israel whose probiotic products contain bacteria with a unique patent - the double coating patent! The probiotic bacteria go through a unique double coating process consisting of protein and nutritional fibers. The inner layer of coating provides them with resistance against the stomach’s high acidity which ensures their survival, implantation and proliferation in the intestines, the external layer of coating protects the bacteria from humidity and heat, ensuring stability and an extended shelf life.

The implantation and proliferation of the bacteria only begin in the small intestine. The final breakdown of the bacteria in the small intestine is possible thanks to the cutting edge technology of the patented double coating.

The most important thing is to allow the same amount of bacteria mentioned on the label to get through the digestive system safely and reach the small intestine without losing any bacteria on the way.

This is the only way the product can fulfil its intended function.

This is what the products from SupHerb’s probiotic series are like. Choose them!


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