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icoUnique LR probiotic line

The line of probiotic products is based on the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus rheuteri (LR) which is especially potent and has curative properties that are effective in a wide range of disease conditions.

Many advantages - in a single product series!

Bacteria strains: The LR probiotic product line is unique due to its assortment of bacteria strains.
The line of products contains 12 strains of the bacteria and is based on the potent bacteria Lactobacillus rheuteri.

L. rheuteri

S. thermophius

L. casei

L. rhamnosus

L. acidophilus

B. lactis

B. infantis

B. longum

L. salivarius

L. plantarum

B. bifidum

L. paracasei







  • High dosages: The Bio-12, Bio-25 and Bio-55 products come to the Israeli probiotic
  • supplement market in high and special dosages. The bacteria content is more than 12 billion active bacteria and up to 55 billion active bacteria in a single capsule!
  • Suitable for treating a range of health problems: Numerous studies have examined the effect of L. rheuteri on various health parameters, and found that it is a powerful and excellent microbe, capable of supporting the health of the digestive system, immune system, respiratory system, skin, reproductive and urinary system, blood fats, health of the mouth and gums, and more.
  • Without dairy components: The line products do not contain dairy ingredients seeing that the bacteria substrate is not dairy.
  • Kosher leMehadrin: The whole product line carries the premium kosher certification supervised by the orthodox community Badatz.

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