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Omega Max 3

From small fish, ensures pure fish oil

Concentrated fish oil containing a particularly high dosage of Omega 3 with double the potency!

One capsule of Omega Max 3 provides the recommended daily amount of Omega 3.

Regular consumption of the high-dosage Omega Max 3 is recommended for people who suffer from chronic diseases including: heart and blood vessels diseases inflammatory diseases, stroke, adult diabetes, depression and a decline in cognitive function. 
Omega max 3 has been clinically proven.

• Treats infections 
• Maintains cardiovascular health
• Maintains brain health
• Prevents and treats inflammatory diseases
• Reduces high blood pressure and blood lipid levels
• Treats depression and seasonal depression

• A particularly high dosage of Omega 3
• Clinically proven 
• Produced exclusively from small fish which ensures pure fish oil, free of Dioxin, Mercury, PCB and other heavy metals
• The capsules are produced from fish gelatin

1-2 capsules daily, with meals.

People taking Coumadin should consult a physician.

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