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Quercetin Allergy Complex

To assist in the rduction of Allergies and Inflammation

A complex of unique ingredients with an anti-histaminic and anti-inflammatory effect.

The formula's ingredients are integrated to help reduce the histaminic response of the body in the presence of various allergens and to help reduce inflammatory reactions. 
Quercetin and bromelain are powerful ingredients designed to support  the treatment of allergic and inflammatory-based illnesses such as: Sinusitis, Asthma, Eczema, Hay fever and more.

The formula also contains phlegm reducing ingredients (NAC) and ingredients that help strengthen the immune system (vitamin C and bioflavonoids). 
The formula may be used seasonally or all year- round without concern for side effects caused by anti-histaminic drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs.

• Helps alleviate allergic conditions (watery rhinitis, itching, food allergies)
• Helps relieve asthma and breathing difficulties
• Helps relieve excessive phlegm bronchitis
• Supports the treatment of Atopic dermatitis and psoriasis
• Helps relieve Sinusitis symptoms
• Aids in relieving cartilage and joint inflammations



A diversified formula for anti-histaminic and anti-inflammatory treatment
• Efficient and effective dose of active ingredients 
• Synergetic integration of active ingredients 
• Herbal capsule - suitable for vegetarians

1-2 capsules daily, with meals.

People taking Coumadin and/or drugs from the corticosteroid family should consult their physician prior to using this product.

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