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Curcumin liquid-gel

Curcuminoid complex with the revolutionary curcumin patent BCM-95® to ensure maximum efficacy and encourage comprehensive anti-inflammatory action

Powerful combination of 100% quality turmeric concentrate in softgel capsules combined with vital turmeric oils found naturally in the root – just like nature intended!

Curcumin liquid gel contains the revolutionary BCM-95® patent. This is a patented compound that provides a complete solution for the problem of bioavailability of curcumin and the other curcuminoid derivatives, through a unique composition including the addition of turmeric oils (turmerones).
Tumerones help increase the bioavailability and activity of curcumin in the cells and improves its metabolism in the body (increasing the time it remains in the blood), while containing beneficial and powerful properties.
A study published in the scientific journal IJPS proves that the bioavailability of BCM-95® is 1,000% better compared with the standard curcumin concentrate which contains 95% curcumin.

• Helps general and comprehensive anti-inflammatory action
• Supports the health of the digestive system and prevents disease (IBS, Crone’s, colitis, gastritis, ulcer, and more)  
• Promotes metabolic health and constitutes a support treatment to improve metabolic syndromes (high cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure).
• Helps detoxification and maintains a healthy liver
• Helps relieve states of depression and emotional stress
• Promotes health of the skin and expedites healing of wounds

BCM-95® patent
• Supplies 100% turmeric concentrate
• The only patent that combines active ingredients with the vital turmeric oils
• Provides a complete solution to the problem of availability without dependence on other components
• Provides 1000% more bioavailability compared with standard turmeric concentrate.
• Maximal time in the human body (8-12 hours)
• The only turmeric patent with the largest pool of clinical research in the world
• Based on 13 years of global research
• Protected by 13 patents
• Supported by proof of more than 33 studies, most of them clinical studies
• Safe to use according to the American Food and Drug Administration
• Liquid gel solution (liquid formula)

1-2 capsules a day, with meals

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