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Wonderful Pina-Colada Flavored Mineral Beverage

A unique and balanced formula of calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron and vitamin D in their ionic form, designed to help strengthen bones, muscles and connective tissues.

The formula contains a unique natural complex of over 72 trace elements (ConcenTrace®), giving it particularly high absorption and assimilation rates to help improve the body's mineral balance. 

Everyday activities involve chemical and electrical processes that require a continuous consumption of minerals at a higher dose than we can obtain from food. 
Keeping minerals and trace elements balanced is vital for the normal functioning of the various body systems. 
Calmadin guarantees mineral consumption at the proper ratios and in their ionized form for particularly high absorption and assimilation into the body, for maximum efficacy.

• Helps preserve dental, muscular and skeletal health
• Helps maintain energy levels
• Assists in improving the quality of sleep 
• Helps in the prevention of Preeclampsi

Contains a particularly high dosage of calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc and vitamin D, with added complex of 72 trace elements
• Ionized minerals for particularly high absorption and assimilation
• Wonderful Pina Colada flavor

1-2 tablespoons before bedtime.

Shake well, dilute with a little water and drink.

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