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Magnesium Citrate with Vitamin B6

Helps alleviate muscle cramps and promotes heart health

Magnesium is necessary for the muscular relaxation and sufficient presence of magnesium is vital for maintaining a healthy heart and flexible blood vessels (magnesium also reduces hypertension).

Magnesium is a vital ingredient  for skeletal and muscular health and the health of the nervous system. It is necessary for muscular relaxation and  is important for maintaining a healthy heart and flexible blood vessels (magnesium also reduces hypertension).
Magnesium deficiency may result in various symptoms and ailments. It can cause stress, nervousness, insomnia and muscle aches. 
The combination of magnesium citrate with vitamin B6 is effective in helping calm the nervous system (stress and restlessness), reduce pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), keep the heart healthy and maintain normal blood pressure. It is also helpful in treating migraines and alleviating pain caused by muscle cramps.

• Supports a calming effect in states of agitation and restlessness
• Helps alleviate menstrual pain and PMS symptoms
• Helps alleviate muscle cramps
• Supports the preservation of bone health
• Promotes heart health and helps balance hypertension
• Assists in the treatment of Migraines

The only formula combining magnesium citrate with vitamin B6
• Organically bound magnesium, ensuring optimal absorption and assimilation into the body

1-2 tablets daily, with meals (or in the evening before bedtime).

  • מאושר מטעם הבד"ץ
  • vegan friendly

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