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Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D-400

Calcium is the primary mineral in the body, helping maintain bone health, increasing bone density and strength.

Calcium nutritional supplement is vital for menopausal women who suffer from a decline in bone density due to hormonal deficiency.
Calcium is also vital during pregnancy for the normal development of the fetus and the prevention of Preeclampsia.
Vitamin D belongs to the fat soluble vitamin family and is vital for the absorption and assimilation of the calcium in the bones and for maintaining strong teeth.
Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in the population due to incorrect exposure to sunlight and use of sunscreens.

The combination of calcium citrate and vitamin D guarantees particularly high absorption and assimilation into the body.

• Preserves bone health
• Maintains healthy and strong teeth
• Prevention of Preeclampsia

• Maximum calcium and vitamin D in each tablet
• Does not contradict stomach acidity, therefore does not interfere with the absorption of other minerals
• Reduces the risk of kidney stones

1-2 tablets daily, with meals.

  • מאושר מטעם הבד"ץ

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