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Omega D3 9 Months

Omega 3 & vitamin D3 during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and nursing

A unique formula that combines Omega 3 with Vitamin D3 in one capsule.

The formula contains a high dosage of DHA, essential fatty-acid component for proper development of the fetal brain and for future prevention of ADHD. 

The formula is also essential for aiding in prevent future Osteomalacia and other bone diseases, reinforce  the immune system and to support  a healthy pregnancy. 
Continuous consumption of Omega D3 9 months during pregnancy helps decrease the risk of toxemia, gestational diabetes, premature labor and postnatal depression. 
Omega 3 and Vitamin D are transferred from the mother to baby throughout the pregnancy and nursing period. 

International health organizations and the primatologist federation recommend pregnant women to consume at least 200 mg of DHA daily.

• Nutritional supplement of Omega 3 and vitamin D3 during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and nursing
• Helps maintain the proper structural development of the fetal brain during pregnancy
• Helps maintain the proper health of newborn brain (development of cognitive functions during nursing period)
• Helps maintain the newborn’s bones and skeleton development during pregnancy and nursing.
• Helps maintain proper function of the mother’s and the newborn’s immune system during pregnancy and lactation
• Helps maintain a healthy pregnancy (prevention of gestational diabetes, toxemia, premature labor and so forth)
• Helps maintain the mother's health throughout pregnancy (prevention of post-natal depression, bones and skeletal system, immune system and dental health)


350 mg of DHA per capsule 
• The formula combines an efficient dosage of Vitamin D3 (400 IU)
• Easy-to-swallow capsule. 
• Soft gel capsules designed for improved, efficient absorption

1 capsules daily, with a meal.

  • Soft gel EN

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