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Bio Female

To assist in the treatment and prevention of Vaginal Infections & Candida

A designated probiotic formula for women, which contains over 10 billion friendly bacteria.

The formula is designed to help prevent and treat vaginal infections and Candida, and to help maintain the proper functioning of the digestive system and proper health. 

Taking Bio-Female is extremely important in conditions of improper nutrition, stress, and while using medications that lead to gut and vaginal flora imbalance.

Aids vaginal and gut infections:

• Helps eliminate yeast infections (candidiasis)
• Helps eliminate Bacterial vaginosis
• Balance of the digestive system
• Support during pregnancy and nursing

Contains a particularly high dosage of friendly bacteria
• Combines the five most effective species for treating vaginal Candida

1-2 capsules daily, with meals.

To be taken two hours after taking antibiotics.

  • Kosher Stamp Dairy EN
  • Lab2Pro

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