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Biotikid / Biotikid LR Powder

Probiotics for Toddlers & Children

A probiotic formula especially adapted to the unique composition of bacteria in children’s and toddlers' digestive systems.

During childhood, children are exposed to numerous sources that might disrupt the balance of the digestive system: food allergies, viral infections, antibiotics etc. 
Specifically, antibiotics damage the friendly bacteria group and compromise their delicate balance. 

Taking Biotikid during and after a course of antibiotics contributes to reducing the damages caused by antibiotics and helps improve the immune protection. 
Biotikid helps probiotic bacteria thrive and assists in maintaining the balance of the digestive system. 
It is also recommended to use Biotikid for general reinforcement of the immune system, to help treat constipation and diarrhea and to assist in reducing flatulence and bloating.

• Helps reinforce the immune system
• Helps balance the digestive system
• Assists in the prevention of antibiotics damage
• Helps reduce manifestation of respiratory and skin allergies

Bacteria species and dosage were selected in accordance with the most up-to-date studies in the field of probiotics
• The formula includes pre-biotic fibers (FOS)
• Does not contain flavor or fragrance additives

Up to 1 year old: one measuring spoon daily.

1–2 years old: 2 measuring spoons daily.

Over 2 years old: 2-3 measuring spoons daily.

Biotikid can be mixed with the food (formula, yogurt or any other soft food)

Directions while taking antibiotics:
Should be taken two hours after the antibiotics. 
Continue taking Biotikid for two weeks following the completion of a course of antibiotics.

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