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Biotikid Probiotic Drops

Treatment & prevention Diarrhea & Reinforcement

For the treatment and prevention of diarrhea and the reinforcement of children and toddler’s digestive and immune systems.

Every six drops of Biotikid contains 1 billion active Bifidobacterium BB-12® bacteria, which is considered a patented species, reflecting the latest and most innovative studies in this field, and is particularly suitable for the delicate intestinal flora of children and infants.

Biotikid drops are significant in maintaining the balance of the good bacteria population in the digestive system, essential in maintaining general health and proper intestinal function; supporting the immune system’s activity and preventing diseases and especially for coping with diseases characteristic of infants and children such as diarrhea, stomach ache and flatulence.

• Prevents and treats of diarrhea in infants and children and the reduces duration of the illness
• Preventing recurring rotavirus infections
• Treats colic, stomach aches and digestive discomfort
• Reinforces and supports infants, children and toddlers’ immune systems

• BB-12® - a species of bacteria with a registered trademark, especially suited for infants and children, which has been studied and clinically proven to be safe for use
• The only probiotic product available in drop-form, allowing easy ingestion 
• Does not require refrigeration


For children one year old and above: 
Six drops, once a day.
To be used for a period of no longer than four weeks from the time opened.
Shake well before use.

instructions for use while taking antibiotics:
Care should be taken to administer the drops two hours after administering the antibiotics
Continue the treatment for two weeks after finishing the course of antibiotics

Do not drip the drops directly into the mouth. Use a teaspoon.


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