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B-50 Complex

With magnesium Citrate

Taking B vitamins and Magnesium simultaneously will improve their activity, mainly in energy production processes and nervous system maintenance.

Vitamin B  participates in the energy creating process, creating hormones and neural factors and regulating the metabolism in the body. 
Vitamin B deficiency may disrupt various processes in the body, but will mostly affect the functioning of the nervous system.

• Helps provide support in stress situations 
• Helps protect the nervous system, the heart and the hormonal system
• Provides support in situations of weakness, fatigue, nervousness, confusion and depression
• Assists in the treatment of skin diseases and hair loss

Vitamin B complex with magnesium citrate enhances the therapeutic effect
• Organic patented binding with magnesium citrate for optimal absorption

1 tablet daily, with a meal.

  • מאושר מטעם הבד"ץ
  • vegan friendly

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