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Ester C 500 / 1000 Complex

Non-Acidic vitamin C

Ester C is a non-acidic vitamin, its patented binding enhances the vitamin absorption and it remains in the body four times longer than ordinary vitamin C.

• Helps fortify the immune system 
• Helps relieve allergic conditions
• Helps provide support in stress situations
• Assists in facilitating wound healing and collagen construction
• Helps get rid of toxins and purify the system (particularly in smokers and regular medication users)

Contains patented vitamin C (ester C®) for perfect absorption
• Does not cause any side effects to the digestive system
• Contains a large amount of bioflavonoids for optimal assimilation
• The tablets are coated with natural delicate coating for easy, comfortable swallowing

1-2 tables daily, with meals.

  • vegan friendly
  • מאושר מטעם הבד"ץ

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