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Iron Drops for Kids and Adults

To help treat Anemia & Iron Deficiency

SupHerb's Iron drops are based on Ferric Fe+3 combined with the polysaccharide group known as polymaltose (Iron polymaltose complex {IPC}).

This unique form of iron has a number of advantages over iron sulfate (Iron II): fewer side effects in the digestive system, good solubility, better absorption and high therapeutic compliance by patients. 
Consuming high dosages of this iron is considered safe since it has a controlled absorption mechanism (absorption is performed according to the body's needs and not passively as in iron sulfate). 

Iron-polymaltose complex (IPC) does not cause oxygenation distress since it contains iron (III) that does not oxygenate. 
SupHerb Iron Drops assist  in the treatment of iron deficiency and anemia in children and pregnant women and are  as effective as iron sulfate.

• Suitable for children and adults
• Helps treats and prevent anemia during pregnancy and breast feeding

Suitable for individuals that find it hard to swallow capsules
• Reduced digestive system side effects
• Good solubility and absorption (due to the binding to polysaccharide)
• Safe in high dosages
• No interaction with food and drugs, can be taken with milk as well
• Appropriate for use by children and pregnant women
• High patient compliance
• Improved taste (contains polysaccharide)
• Easy to consume

Age:4-6 months
Daily Amount: 7.5 mg (in drops): 3 drops 

Age: 6 months and up
Daily Amount: 15 mg (in drops): 6 drops

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